5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

Social media is an important tool that is being used for a good cause and it takes creativity to be able to come up with an idea that will ensure its success.

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5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

The advantages and disadvantages of social media

The development of social media is rapidly growing in various ways, it has been supported by the existence of the internet in this modern era.

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How can you start fundraising for the people around you?

To help someone we love in the old days, you might do fundraising by knocking on your neighbour’s door, door by door.

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5 ways on how to make money online

The digital age sometimes referred to as the information age, have made it possible for people to make money online.

fundraising ideas from fundraising sites

Interesting 7 fundraising ideas for your needs!

Fund-raising is a means of seeking financial assistance from individuals and organizations so as to raise the needed funds to fulfil the mission of a non-profit organization. Fund-raising is the most important way that charity organizations use to attract new donors and build relationships that will provide the needed support. This can only be achieved by looking at the different ideas that can be used in raising funds and building foundational support.

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Steps to Apply for Scholarship, Student Financial Aid 2

Steps to Apply for Scholarship, Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid: Steps to Apply for Scholarship

It is clear as day that higher education is very important for our future to grab better job opportunities, enhance knowledge and for your own skills in general. So many students are pursuing to get financial education assistance as the cost of studies are getting expensive and higher nowadays especially in regards to public universities.

However, it might be reassuring to say that, there are ways for students to not worry about the education costs because there are students financial aid that comes in various shape and form for students which are scholarship, bursary, loans and even crowdfunding.

Steps to Apply for Scholarship, Student Financial Aid 3
Financial situation Faced By Undergraduates, Credit to SAYS

There are common challenges that Malaysian undergraduate students will be facing when it comes to university life. So, students should take the initiative on how to support their financial education at the university.


When we talk about scholarship, basically we know that it is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education offered by the government or private sector, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements.

It means you don’t have to pay back once you get the scholarship, therefore, you can use it to support your financial education like tuition fees and daily living expenses in term of fully or partially depends on the scholarship you applied.

To apply for the scholarship, there are a few steps that students should follow to get the scholarship

Steps to Apply for Scholarship, Student Financial Aid 4
Scholarship Application, Credit to the.ismaili
  1. Ensure and determine your field of the courses you want to pursue at the university.
  2. Browse the list of the scholarship offered by the government or private sector to get to know the dept-information about scholarships like scholarship amount in term of full or partial, scholarship deadline and other pieces of information that available for apply suitable with your program you want to pursue. There is various scholarship offered like shell, Yayasan Sime Darby and more. You can check it all the updated scholarships offered in 2019 at eduadvisor and afterschool by online.
  3. Check the eligibility based on the scholarship requirements
  4. Apply for the scholarship with following instructions like attaching the details documents and requirements. You have to ensure all the details information are correct.
    • Some of the organization will test you  by the interview or exam with other applicants who will get chosen to get the scholarship
  5. Awarded scholars will be informed through email, SMS or letters depends on the organizations that give your scholarship
  6. The scholarship will be fund to the students who success after registration to the university.

However, this heavily relies on the scholarship you applied. What we can guarantee is that excellent academic result, leadership qualities, and good certificates will be a bonus for you to get the scholarship easily. Why don’t you grab this opportunity instead of burden your parents to support your financial education?

Once you get the scholarship, you have to promise to yourself to use it in a good way.  it should be sufficient to aid students in support tuitions fees and daily living expenses. However, if you can’t get it, there are still have any other financial aid for students like the loan (PTPTN) and crowdfunding. Do not hesitate to apply it now!

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