I Want To Show The Sea To My Son!

Successful Crowdfunding Example: I Want To Show The Sea To My Son!

Victoria Success Story: I Want To Show The Sea To My Son!

This is a true success story of a loving mother, Victoria from Nairobi, Kenya has been using a method of crowdfunding to achieve her son’s dream. After received support from her friends at Airtripp Funding, she has managed to travel near to the sea with her little son.

Victoria is a single mother who is taking care of 2 years old children. Her son suffered from Pneumonia since born. It is lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection. Fortunately, his condition is getting better since June ago as a result of previous treatment and medication. So, she would like to celebrate this with her son, doing together a little trip to the beauty and mesmerizing sea.

using crowdfunding to have a little trip to the beauty and mesmerizing sea with her son
She want to have a little trip to the beauty and mesmerizing sea with her son

There are some financial issues in Victoria’s family

However, she couldn’t save money anymore due to the health condition of her son and she had afford a lot of medical expenses. In addition, she is working as a waitress and have a monthly income of $ 100. However, as she is a single mother, she need to pay all theirs living expenses by herself. She said, it was impossible to her even afford a little trip.

It crossed her mind to ask for help from her family. Unfortunately, her family apart since her dad passed away. They all have their own financial problem. So, it is impossible for them to help her achieve his dream.

Her son was ill since born and he hadn’t time to have fun and enjoy like the other children. Every mother all around the world wants to see her children live happily, right? She said that her son deserves to have fun and forget about his illness for good. She think that it would be nice for him to see the sea because it produces awe and a profound, immersive, and invigorating peace.

She just wants to see his son happy

She wants to travel with her son to Mombasa to show him its beautiful sea. She planned to go on a domestic trip so it won’t be expensive. She said, she wants to enjoy together the beach, swimming, tasting delicious food and coconut juice. If this dream come true, her son will be able to have his first good memories. The most important thing, she wants to see his son happy.

have a little trip to the beauty and mesmerizing sea with her son
Victoria and her son

Using crowdfunding platform

So, she has made story sharing about his dream on Airtripp Funding to show the beauty of the sea to her son and make him happy. She put the details on needed funds to purchase flight ticket and accommodation expenses

Finally, her dream has been achieved after got support from her friends at Airtripp Funding. She managed to earn $ 100.00 in support! She was very happy and grateful because she could achieve her dream to travel with her son and make him happy. Hopefully, they live successfully in the future.

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