Benjamin Success Story: Funds To Build A Mosque For My Community 1

Benjamin Success Story: Funds To Build A Mosque For My Community

This is a true success story about Benjamin Attoh, a resident of Ghana who intends to help his cousin raise funds to build a mosque for their community. He would like to build a proper mosque so that place can gather all their community no matter what age in worship and do various social activities that generate their minds and intelligence. So, he has used crowdfunding to build a mosque. Finally, he managed to get the funds to build a mosque for their community after receiving support from his friends at Airtripp Funding.

He shares his story on Airtripp Funding platform on why he really needs funds. He said he wanted to fulfill his cousin’s dream for many years. His cousin named Yahya is an important person in their community. In fact, he is deeply respected in their community as he helps many people clean and prepares everything whenever they want to pray. Currently, their prayer space is open. So they have to rely on the weather to pray. When the sun is scorching it burns them. While the rain, they cannot pray together because the rainfall comes into the praying space and it become dirty.

Benjamin Success Story: Funds To Build A Mosque For My Community 2

Not only the praying space has no roof, but there is no division among male and female which is not how they are supposed to pray. Yahya, who is the important people in the village, has the dream of building a mosque since many years ago that can accommodate many people and equipped with all the facilities so they can perform worship comfortably.

Unfortunately, he never has the chance to gather all necessary funds to build the mosque from their residents as they are a poor community. But as it is really necessary for them, Benjamin and Yahya intend to do everything possible to fulfill this dream.

Once he found out about Airtripp Funding platform, he used crowdfunding to achieve his cousin’s dream. Then, he shares a story about his cousin’s dream of building a mosque that everyone will be welcome to the mosque. They will be able to pray without worrying about weather and they will have separated space for male and female like it supposed to be. The mosque would not only the place to pray, but it would also be used as a place to pursue knowledge and social activities that are more beneficial to the community.

Benjamin Success Story: Funds To Build A Mosque For My Community 3

So, he put the detail of the needed fund on Airtripp Funding. They have saved around $150 and they need the rest support from others on Airtripp Funding for the construction cost and material fee.

Eventually, the purity of his heart to build a mosque for his community has touched many people from all over the world. He managed to earn $ 120 in support. His dream to build a mosque for his community has been reached! The fund has already been given to him to build a mosque. He plans that a mosque will be set up in spring this year. He was very grateful and thankful to the people who helped to achieve his dreams. We are sure that not just her donors, but even people who have read his story wishes the best for their future!

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