Claudia Success Story: I Want To Pay A Congenital Glaucoma Surgery For My Brother! 1

Claudia Success Story: I Want To Pay A Congenital Glaucoma Surgery For My Brother!

Claudia who is a girl from Cotonou, Benin has been using crowdfunding for a Congenital Glaucoma surgery for her brother. The cost of surgical treatment of Congenital Glaucoma is very expensive and she was unable to pay. Eventually, she has succeeded in helping his brother to get the surgery he needs after got the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding,

The story begins where Claudia has a 19 years old brother. Her younger brother has Congenital disease since born. Congenital Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time. When he was little baby, he received surgery in Spain, but it didn’t work. Since then, his eye has been getting worse until his right eye can’t use anymore. The problem is that his left eye is being affected too. He barely can see so he had to quit school because he couldn’t be able to study anymore.

Claudia Success Story: I Want To Pay A Congenital Glaucoma Surgery For My Brother! 2

So, the solution for him is he requires two kinds of treatments to heal. The first treatment is he has to get surgery to remove the right eye and replace it with an implant. Next, the second treatment he must get a special glasses to fix the problem on his right eye. By doing this treatment, his younger brother could keep his left eye.

Unfortunately, she was unable to bear the cost of his brother’s surgery. She said that currently, her family has been experiencing financial problems as her father has retired so, their monthly income is reduced. In the past, they may be able to pay this treatment expenses, but they are no longer to pay it today. Furthermore, her mother is working as a stylist. She is doing what she can, but her income is not enough to pay the surgery.

Claudia also working and supporting their family. So far, she just saved $ 200. She would need another two years to save all the money that they need to cover the expenses of her brother’s treatment. But the surgery needs to be done immediately before her brother might lose his left eye.

Claudia Success Story: I Want To Pay A Congenital Glaucoma Surgery For My Brother! 3

Once she found out about Airtripp Funding, she attached photos and shared her story about her brother’s disease. She put the details on needed funds. She really needs the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding to pay for surgery cost and special glasses before its getting worse. She said that once she got the funds, she will pay for the surgery of her brother as soon as possible. They will go to a hospital in their town to get the surgery.

Finally, she managed to earn $ 273.00 with the support of people all around the world on Airtripp Funding who has helped Claudia to get her brother’s surgery. The funds have been given to Claudia to get her brother’s surgery. She was very grateful and thankful to the people who helped her on Airtripp Funding for the support and encouragement given. Hopefully, her brother’s surgery going well and shower good health in the future.

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