Nabilah Story: We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life 1

Nabilah Story: We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life

Nurul Nabilah from Johor, Malaysia would like to do a volunteer project in Cambodia which is called “We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life”. She has used the method of crowdfunding to get her friends to support on Airtripp Funding platform so she manage to participate in volunteer project abroad also contribute to those in need.

She is an active university student in volunteer projects in Malaysia. Despite being at a young age, she has a high level of concern towards the community. She is more interested to get close to the community and helping who is needy. Previously, many programs that have been participated with volunteer projects in Malaysia such as love and care with homeless, old folks home also lending help and assist during natural disasters. She love community and volunteer very much.

Nabilah Story: We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life 2

“Cambodian, Here I come!” This is the first time she has been involved in volunteer projects abroad. She said, she wants to find herself in a new and incredible part of the world which Cambodia is a place full of wonderful culture, sights and nature. In fact, she wants to help Cambodian to get a better life. Every day we complain with the reality of life that we are in a difficult situation while still many out there who live harder than us. So, she really wants to ease the burden of the less fortunate Cambodian.

The volunteer mission to Cambodia will be held on 22nd until 27th March 2019. The main purpose of this mission is to help the less fortunate Cambodians which is they will contribute the educational tools, construction of wells and other volunteer activities. She wants to change their life for the better whether it is through community improvement, medical care or education and helps struggling people in such a way that could easily be the biggest and greatest deed she has ever, or will ever, perform. Furthermore, she wants to makes many friends with them as well. Besides that, as it was the first time she visits Cambodia, she wants to create sweet memories and get to know them closely. This mission is the only opportunity to make her dream come true.

Nabilah Story: We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life 3

She believes that they really need help to carry on a better life. Unfortunately, the saddest thing she has faced is some financial problems for joining this mission. She really needs the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding so she had the opportunity to help them to get a better life. She needs around $ 447 for the flight ticket, passport and activities expenses like educational tools, construction of wells and donation of essential items to residents. She said, every single dollarwill donate to them!

Currently, she has another 22 days left to collect funds from her friends at Airtripp Funding. She will be very grateful and thankful to anyone who helps and give support at Airtrippp Funding. With all the help of the funds, it will give her the opportunity to realize the dream to do volunteer projects to Cambodia. So, the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding is very meaningful to enhance her passion and desire in the mission of volunteering. Hopefully, the spirit of volunteerism in his soul never faded. Since she has only another 22 days remaining at Airtripp Funding, you may also have the opportunity to help her carry out the volunteer projects. You can see the details project on Airtripp Funding. So do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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