Tris Success story: The Journey Of My Dreams To Japan 1

Tris Success story: The Journey Of My Dreams To Japan

Here is a real success story of a girl, Trisye Bala from Indonesia relished her dreams come true with only using the Airtripp Funding platform.  She had a dream of traveling to Japan which is well known as a fascinating and unique country with its beautiful architectures and contrasting culture compared to the other countries. She had a dream to visit Japan since she was a child where she often wonders how the living environment in Japan. Her dream became deeper and more profound as the years went by with his high interest in anime that inspired her to visit Japan

Tris Success story: The Journey Of My Dreams To Japan 2

Additionally, she was a teacher and her monthly income is about $ 200. It was quiet enough to support his daily living expenses. Initially, she thought that her dream is just only a dream and impossible to achieve. But this doesn’t make it impossible to achieve her dreams after she discovers the platform of Airtripp Funding, she began using the method of crowdfunding to make her dream become true to Japan.

She put all the information and stories about her dream to Japan on the website as references. The total required amount is also provided on a website such as accommodation expenses, management visa, transportation expenses and etc. The spending amount she needs is $ 1,000.00. She tells her story to chase her dreams to visit Japan on the platform and indirectly she managed to touch people’s heart and collected $ 1,590.00 in support!

Tris Success story: The Journey Of My Dreams To Japan 3

As we know, everyone has their own dreams and their own goals for what they want to achieve in life, right? Everyone has different dreams whether it’s happening to kids, teens, and adults and dreams make people eager to face every challenge in continuing their daily life. No matter how big or small your dream looks, there is no obstacle to achieving it. Nothing is impossible if we dare to try that dreams.

So, there is a solution to your problems to colouring your life and achieving your dreams. Airtripp Funding can help you to chase your dream and make it true. For the additional information, Airtripp Funding is a platform that provides the crowdfunding services that can reach a worldwide audience. Furthermore, Crowdfunding is the process of funding a venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people via online. So, it’s proven that nothing is impossible, everybody can achieve their desired dream. In fact, Airtripp Funding provides a crowdfunding method to give people the opportunities out there to achieve the dreams in life.

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