What to do if you failed to get the scholarship? 1

What to do if you failed to get the scholarship?

Don’t ever halt your intention to continue study if you failed to get the scholarship. Maybe this time is not your chance to get the scholarship. You can still get the financial support to continue your study with the different way.

If you facing the difficulties situation like a lack of money to continue your study, you can just use the crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is a coined term, merging the words “crowd” and “funding”, and it is a platform where through the connection of the internet it allows an individual or a group of them to ask for assistance or to achieve dreams by allowing contributions in the form of funds from other individuals who are willing to help.

You can raise funds to your closest people easily. You can use crowdfunding to continue your study. It is not difficult to use the crowdfunding platform. Just make sure that you have a legit reason or sharing your difficulties situation to make people want to support your dream. People won’t help you just because you are lazy to find methods to pay your study fees.

But, how to make it work? Here are some tips on making sure your project success:

  1. Create a great hook
  2. Make the story impactful
  3. Go Viral
  4. Continuous effort

Don’t feel sad if you failed to get the scholarship because crowdfunding also can help you to support your financial studies. So, don’t hesitate to use crowdfunding because it may help you to support your financial studies if your project of crowdfunding success.