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Famous Successful and Failed Crowdfunding Stories

Crowdfunding is gradually being accepted by people and businesses as a means of raising money and there have been successful stories which can […]

The Best 7 Crowdfunding Platforms

The Best 7 Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding is a good way to raise money.You can raise funds by using any of the crowdfunding platforms but you need to know the purpose for which the funds are needed before choosing a crowdfunding platform.

5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

Social media is an important tool that is being used for a good cause and it takes creativity to be able to come up with an idea that will ensure its success.

6 Modern Ways of making a donation

6 Modern Ways of making a donation

A donation is a fundraising tool being used to raise money for charity organizations which can be in cash or kind.

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Earn cash online, is it trustworthy? Where can I get it?

Earn cash online will always be challenging because the world of the internet is as vast as life itself.

crowdfunding campaign

5 tips for crowdfunding campaign!

Crowdfunding campaign is a means of raising money through a social platform by people all over the world.
You need to know how to successfully operate the crowdfunding campaign to raise money.

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Crowdfunding history in Malaysia

How does crowdfunding apply to Malaysia? Did the trend already reach Malaysia? Let’s take a look at the current climate of crowdfunding in Malaysia.

5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

The advantages and disadvantages of social media

The development of social media is rapidly growing in various ways, it has been supported by the existence of the internet in this modern era.

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How am I supposed to solve my financial problems?

We will admit to ourselves that we are in financial problems.What could we do to solve them?Let’s see some cases on Airfunding.

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Benefits of studying abroad

Education goes beyond the classroom and studying abroad gives the opportunity to study in a foreign country in order to learn about the […]

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Study abroad: What if I cannot get a scholarship?

People who wish to get an education in a foreign country experience some challenges when it comes to getting the needed funds to […]

start fundraising for the people

How can you start fundraising for the people around you?

To help someone we love in the old days, you might do fundraising by knocking on your neighbour’s door, door by door.

crowdfunding platforms in South East Asia

2 minutes to learn about crowdfunding platforms in South East Asia

Recently the word “crowdfunding” is familiar in our ears and often appeared in several sites. Now to learn about crowdfunding platforms in south east asia.

How to get money or raise money fast

How to get money or raise money fast? Here’s 8 ways what you can do!

People desire extra money that can solve pressing needs that are on the increase and the question on how to get money fast […]

make money

5 ways on how to make money online

The digital age sometimes referred to as the information age, have made it possible for people to make money online.

fundraising ideas from fundraising sites

Interesting 7 fundraising ideas for your needs!

Fund-raising is a means of seeking financial assistance from individuals and organizations so as to raise the needed funds to fulfil the mission of a non-profit organization. Fund-raising is the most important way that charity organizations use to attract new donors and build relationships that will provide the needed support. This can only be achieved by looking at the different ideas that can be used in raising funds and building foundational support.

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Crowdfunding: What is it?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising funds online, through social media. Crowdfunding is referred to as “the financing of a project by the […]

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Charity: What is the meaning of it, and how to do it?

Charity is all about showing love to people and helping others who are incapable of helping themselves. A charity can be taken as […]

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Scholarship vs Crowdfunding: What are the differences?

Have you ever dreamed of continuing your studies at the university you wanted so far? Or have you ever wished to continue your […]

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How to spend the last days of Ramadhan al-kareem

Understandably, staying only a few days later Ramadhan al-Kareem will close the curtain. It is my heart to leave Ramadhan al-Kereem, which is […]

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How to get help with my debt problem?

The dreaded D word. We may fear it, we may try to get away from it, but reality may come crashing to us, […]

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Who is eligible to get financial assistance?

In today’s economic situation, financial assistance is vital. When we talk about financial assistance, most would think about the assistance needed to help […]

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Short on cash? Top 10 ways to make money online!

Short on cash, but do not have the means to get more of them? Do not fret! Nowadays on this digital age, you […]

The Best 7 Crowdfunding Platforms

Which online donation platform is the best for me? Our top 11 picks!

So you plan to start using an online donation platform. But which ones are the best? There are so many crowdfunding platforms for […]

fundraising ideas from fundraising sites

Creating a Fundraising project? 10 tips on how to start!

Fundraising! According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of fundraiser is “a person or event involved in collecting money for a particular purpose, […]

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How to start preparing to study abroad?

It’s time for you to find a new interest. You have to get outside of your comfort zone if you are going to […]

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Tips Before Taking Student Loans

Thinking of taking student loans to pursue that tertiary education you have always wanted? Got intimidated once hearing the L word? Have a […]

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Student Financial Aid: Steps to Apply for Scholarship

It is clear as day that higher education is very important for our future to grab better job opportunities, enhance knowledge and for […]

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Financial Education Support

Students tuition and college fees are very expensive nowadays. It is undeniable that students have to go through and face the impact of […]

The Best 7 Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding in Malaysia

Have you heard of services like GofundMe, Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Have you also heard of the stories of users of those services where […]

Impossible To Study Abroad?

Study abroad is a way too expensive. Study abroad just for the exclusive upper tier of privileged college students. It is entirely not […]

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What to do if you failed to get the scholarship?

Don’t ever halt your intention to continue study if you failed to get the scholarship. Maybe this time is not your chance to […]

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The Benefit Of Scholarship And Crowdfunding

As a student, it was a common thing to access the various financial assistance provided by any institution or company sponsor either by […]

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Scholarship VS Crowdfunding: Student Financial Support

Have you ever wondered or dream to further your study to the college you want the most to enhance your education to the […]

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Tips for Scholarship and Crowdfunding to Study Abroad

When talking about studying abroad, definitely students would hesitate to study abroad when it comes to the cost even they are passionate to […]

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Ways to Make Money to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the most valuable experiences for a college student. Beside to enhance your academic learning and develop your skills, studying abroad […]


Safeness of Crowdfunding

It is normal for someone to be cautious when they first heard of Crowdfunding. As are regarding most new things, people will be […]

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Tips on making a successful fundraising project

So now you have started a fundraising project, but how to make it work? Here are some tips on making sure your project […]

make money

How to choose a crowdfunding platform

So you’ve decided to start a fundraising campaign. Great! But how do you know which crowdfunding platform is right for you? Whether you’re […]

crowdfunding campaign

Is Crowdfunding Right For You?

Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea.

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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a coined term, merging the words “crowd” and “funding”, and it is a platform where through the connection of the internet […]

Crowdfunding Success Stories!

Read on the success stories of people who used crowdfunding

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Anwesh Story: A Dream About Traveling Japan

Anwesh Pati, a man who is from India has made a story sharing on Airtripp Funding about his dream of traveling to Japan. […]

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Rahul Success Story: I Want To Build A Fence To Protect My Chicken!

This is a true success story about Rahul Pradev from Chennai, India who has been using the method of crowdfunding to build a […]

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The Paw Story: We Want To Raise Funds For An Animal Shelter In Langkawi

A group of young individuals from the ‘Program Kepimpinan Tun Razak’ are run the animal protection projects in Langkawi. They want to make […]

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Benjamin Success Story: Funds To Build A Mosque For My Community

This is a true success story about Benjamin Attoh, a resident of Ghana who intends to help his cousin raise funds to build […]

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Claudia Success Story: I Want To Pay A Congenital Glaucoma Surgery For My Brother!

Claudia who is a girl from Cotonou, Benin has been using crowdfunding for a Congenital Glaucoma surgery for her brother. The cost of […]

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Olamide Success Story: I Need Help To Pay An Apartment For Me And My Child!

Olamide, a single mother who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She has used crowdfunding to pay for her apartment. Eventually, she managed to move […]

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Adhefia Success Story: I Need Help To Repay A Student Loan!

Adhefia, a student from Indonesia had run a project on Airtripp Funding. She has used crowdfunding to repay a student loan as she […]

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Andres Success Story: I Want To Help My Mum To Treat Her Uterus Myoma!

This is a true success story about Andres from Guayaquil, Ecuador. His mother has a Myoma in her uterus. So,he has been using […]

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Victoria Success Story: I Want To Show The Sea To My Son!

This is a true success story of a loving mother, Victoria from Nairobi, Kenya has been using a method of crowdfunding to achieve […]

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Subhi Success Story: I Want To Have A Future In Netherlands, For Me And For My Family

This story tells about Subhi who is a man from Syria but live in Bursa, Turkey. He has used crowdfunding to achieve his […]

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Francisca Success Story: Help To Afford A Treatment To Heal The Injuries In My Legs

Francisca, a girl from Surabaya, Indonesia has suffered a serious legs injury due to an accident. She needs fund to pay the treatment […]

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Nabilah Story: We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life

Nurul Nabilah from Johor, Malaysia would like to do a volunteer project in Cambodia which is called “We Care We Serve: Help Cambodian […]

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Le Vy’s Success Story: Help For Surgery And Treatment For My Little Brothers!

Mai Le Vy, a Vietnamese girl has succeeded in helping her little brothers to get the treatment and surgery after finding out about […]

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Dhalia Success Story: Funds To Hold A Christmas Party For The Children Of Our Community!

This is a true success story about Dhalia Torremoro from Iloilo City, Philippines has successfully celebrated a Christmas party for the children of […]

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Umaimatu’s Success Story: I Need To Go To Tamale To Take Care Of My Grandmother

This is a true success story about Musah Umaimatu from New Abriem, Ghana who would like to take care of her grandmother. Her […]

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Regina’s Success Story: I Want To Pay My Children’s School Fees!

Regina Luz Clemente, from San Jose of the Philippines, is a lovely mother of three children. This is a true success story about […]

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Bagus’s Success Story: Help For The Victims Of The Earthquake In Indonesia!

Bagus, from Makassar, Indonesia has successfully helped the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia after used crowdfunding method that was provided by Airtripp […]

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Angelita’s Success Story: Funds To Make A Small Boat To Be Able To Commute To Another Island!

This is a real success story about Angelita who lives in San Vicente, Philippines works on a different island. Its main transportation to […]

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Angela‘s Success Story: I Need Help To Pay My Son’s Treatment!

Angela, a lovely mother who lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador has a child that suffering from an incurable disease. The cost of her son’s […]

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Happiness’s Success Story: I Want To Pay My Cousin’s School Fees!

Happiness Godwin, a woman from Dar Es Salaam of Tanzania succeed to help her cousin get paid for school fees after using crowdfunding. […]

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Jeines’s Success Story: A Trip To Shoot A Social Experiment: Defending The Honor Of Korean People!

Jeines who works as a civil servant in Manodo, Indonesia has a dream to travel to South Korea. It’s not just about traveling, […]

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Tala’s Success Story: Datenshi Project: Record A CD!

Tala has used crowdfunding at Airtripp Funding for its band which is called Datenshi Project. They have already succeeded in recording a single […]

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Melisa’s Success Story: I Want To Come Back To My Mom’s Hometown

A girl named Melisa from Buenos Aires, Argentina would like to come back to her mom’s hometown in Jujuy. Jujuy is a province […]

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Xyrine’s Success Story: I Want To Help My Best Friend Who Has Breast Cancer!

Despite having no blood ties with Maria, Xyrine, a woman living in Bacorod, Philippines was willing to help her best friend Maria who […]

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Thuy Duong Success Story: Meet My Friends In Japan And Enjoy Snow Landscapes!

At the age of 16, Thuy Duong has achieved her dream to meet new friends and enjoy snow landscapes in Japan. There is […]

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Vini’s Success Story: Realize a Dream in Japan to Study, Work and Enjoy Its Culture!

Vini, a young woman with big dreams from Indonesia to living in Japan has succeeded after she met a platform which is called […]

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Yaser Success Story: Rebuild A Water Pipeline To Let My Villagers Drink Clean Water Again

Yaser Ali, a Madian’s resident in the Swat Valley, Pakistan made his story sharing at Airtripp Funding regarding the water pollution sources, poses […]

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Tris Success story: The Journey Of My Dreams To Japan

Here is a real success story of a girl, Trisye Bala from Indonesia relished her dreams come true with only using the Airtripp […]