Successful fundraising case: Japanese women complete their dream of traveling to Japan

Successful fundraising case: Japanese women complete their dream of traveling to Japan

It must have been a stressful phase of life. No matter the stress at work, when you are learning or the many life problems you are facing. In short, why not cope with that stress by taking an exciting tour of the country or abroad. Give yourself space to relax and enjoy yourself by taking a vacation trip. This is because, holidays can ease your mind and relax your mind.

Why They Could Succeed

3 Case Studies Of Successful Crowdfunding Project

We find some tips from the analysis of successful crowdfunding project.Through the three examples of different types of this article, you may learn something.

What if I cannot get a scholarship?

Study abroad: What if I cannot get a scholarship?

People who wish to study abroad experience some challenges when it comes to getting the needed funds to pursue their study abroad. Most of students rely on scholarship. What if they cannot get a scholarship?What to do then?

Financial Support For Student : Scholarship

Scholarship vs Crowdfunding : What are the differences?

Do not be sad if you did not succeed in getting scholarships because crowdfunding can also help you to get the lesson help.

Claudia Get The Donations

Claudia Get The Donations: I Want To Pay A Congenital Glaucoma Surgery For My Brother!

Claudia who is a girl from Cotonou, Benin has been using crowdfunding for a Congenital Glaucoma surgery for her brother. The cost of surgical treatment of Congenital Glaucoma is very expensive and she was unable to pay. Eventually, she has succeeded in helping his brother to get the surgery he needs after got the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding,

Adhefia 's successful crowdfunding: I Need Help To Repay A Student Loan! 1

Adhefia ‘s successful crowdfunding: I Need Help To Repay A Student Loan!

Adhefia ‘s successful crowdfunding:Adhefia use airfunding to raise money and solve her money issues which is a student loan.

Fundraising Story Example

Fundraising Story Example: Andres Raise Funds To Help His Mom To Treat Her Uterine fibroids!

Using fundraising platform to receive donation

about Andres from Guayaquil, Ecuador. His mother has a Myoma in her uterus. So he has been using crowdfunding to pay the cost of his mother’s ill-treatment. Eventually, he has managed to help her get treatment after got support from his friends at AirFunding.

His mother is 57 years old and she has a fibroid in her uterus that appeared since 2017. But they just know about their mother’s illness after the symptoms showed this year. She started to feel really tired, dizzy and also had hemorrhages. After that, the doctor explained to them what was the problem once they going to the clinic. The doctor advised doing the surgery to heal. However, before do surgery, she needs to do treatment first including a blood transfusion.

A single mother has to raise 4 children

Furthermore, her mother is a single mother who did her best to raise her four children. His father disappeared a few years ago, leaving him and his mother. After that, her mother remarried with another man and they had three children. However, his stepfather passed away 18 years ago. He said, there are so many sacrifices that his mother has done to them. Therefore, He wants to give back to his mother everything she had done for them. He wants to take care and help her to get treatment.

There are some financial issues in their family

he has to support their family’s daily expenses.
Andres has a job and he gets $ 400 per month.

Trying to solve the financial issues

Andres has a job and he gets $ 400 per month. But, it is not enough when he has to support their family’s daily expenses. He was unable to make savings anymore to get the cost of treatment of his mother’s illness. The treatment costs are $ 500, while the surgery costs $ 900. He said that if the surgery is done without the treatment, it will be really dangerous and risky to his mother. So, he wants to seek follow-up treatment and subsequent surgery on his mother’s illness.

Receiving donation from AirFunding — A crowdfunding platform

Andres and his families
Andres and his families

He shared stories with his friends at AirFunding for the support needs to get his mother’s treatment illness. He only has around $ 500 of savings. With those savings, he afforded to pay for the treatment, but the surgery would be impossible for him. He really needs that surgery to heal!

Raise funds for treatment

Finally, he has managed to raise the funds for treatment of his mother’s illness from the support of his friends at AirFunding which is $ 343.00. She really appreciates AirFunding’s friends support and helps given. He said he would bring her mother to the La Sotomayor Clinic so she can start with the treatment.

she can start with the treatment
La Sotomayor Clinic can start with the treatment

We are sure that not just her donors

but even people who have read this article wishes his mother a speedy recovery and the best for their future. If you also need funds to help your loved ones, family or friends, you can use the crowdfunding that was provided on Airtripp Funding as it is a cool and easy platform for raise funds. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is his project : click here

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